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Board Governance


GBAS is proud to partner with Board Surveys, Australia's leading provider of affordable world class Board Effectiveness Surveys to help measure and improve the governance and board effectiveness in golf clubs around Australia. Join more than 500 boards who have used one of their 4 affordable world-class board surveys. Board Surveys will  benchmark your board's effectiveness against boards of similar sized clubs and associations. If you want to try the survey before you buy, click the link below to do a FREE Trial Survey for an individual user.

We partnered with Board Surveys and Golf Australia to prepare our inaugural report in to the Golf Club Governance in Australia in 2024. We plan to update that important golf industry governance report with Board Surveys and Golf Australia annually. 

Board Survey resources are provided below. Click here for pricing.

Free Trial Survey (single user)

Board Surveys Website

Board Surveys Sample Report

2024 Club Governance Report

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