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Welcome to the Club Industry Governance & Leadership Forum.

This event will position your club at the forefront of best practice governance processes amongst Australian golf clubs

Melbourne :
Wednesday 12 th June, Yarra Yarra Golf Club, 3.30pm – 6.30pm [

Thursday 13 th June, The Lakes Golf Club 3.30pm – 6.30 pm [


Proudly supported by: Golf Australia, Golf Management Australia, Board Surveys, Club Benchmarking, GolfNSW & Boardroom Excellence Australia

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Club Industry Governance & Leadership Forum

The golf club industry has never had a better opportunity than the one that has presented post Covid.  The extent to which long term sustainability can be materially impacted will be singularly determined by the quality of governance and decision making evident within golf club Boardrooms across the country.

As GBAS moves around the country, engaging with Club General Managers and Club Boards, it is evident that there is varying quality of governance within our golf clubs.  Observing that good governance processes typically lead to better club outcomes, solid club operating models and long-term financial sustainability, despite the strong momentum delivered by Covid, the industry still remains vulnerable to the quality of its own governance processes.

Wanting to action our observations and to help ensure that the industry can indeed fully optimise its fortunes post Covid, this event has been created to shine a focused light on club governance. It’s goal is to bring governance to the forefront of industry discussion, generating direct conversations with current club leaders as both directors and club managers gather together for the first time to hear from a number of industry wise topic experts.

A report on the findings from recently conducted industry research will be released detailing the current golf club governance state of play comparing it to wider corporate and not for profit benchmarks. With stability and alignment both being key pillars of good governance, the report also identifies recent club Board turnover levels and the contrasting views held by Club Managers and Club Directors on current governance performance. This report will set a baseline for the industry from which all clubs can become great clubs.

Concluding the Forum, an industry best practice reference document will be released. Drawing from national and international publications, this document will help Clubs understand the possible journey ahead as they seek to improve their governance performance and organisation outcomes.

If you are serious about improving governance at your club, want to lift your club’s performance to higher levels, then this is an event not to be missed.



  • James Sutherland – CEO, Golf Australia

  • John Wylie AC – Former Chairperson, Australian Sports Commission, 2012 - 2020

  • Ray Cronin – Founder, Club Benchmarking

  • Nick Barnett – CEO, Board Surveys

  • Margot Foster AM OLY – Boardroom Excellence Australia

  • Gregg Patterson – Tribal Magic

GBAS (5).jpg
James Sutherland

CEO, Golf Australia

GBAS (7).jpg
Nick Barnett

CEO, Board Surveys

GBAS (6).jpg
John Wylie AC

Chairperson, Australian Sports Commission, 2012 - 2020

GBAS (9).jpg
Margot Foster AM OLY

Boardroom Excellence Australia

GBAS (4).jpg
Ray Cronin

Founder Club Benchmarking


GBAS (10).jpg
Gregg Patterson

Tribal Magic



Topics that will be covered at the Club Industry Governance & Leadership Forum.

Keynote Address:

John Wylie AC

The Importance of Good Governance in Sport (30 mins)

John’s address will focus on the importance of good governance in sport, Illustrating how golf club board room thinking should indeed try to mirror the practices evident in corporate board rooms around Australia.

Ray Cronin

Governance at Great Clubs (30 mins)

Ray is the founder of Club Benchmarking and an authority on Club governance in the USA. Ray will share with us his learnings from over 1,000 board rooms in the USA, and the mistakes typically being made. Ray will share his top 5 most effective governance practices evident in some of the world's great clubs.

Nick Barnett 

Golf Club Governance State of Play – Is it good or not so good? (30 mins)

Nick is the CEO of corporate research firm BoardSurveys. Nick will share with us the findings from the recently conducted governance research within Australian clubs, contextualised with wider Australian and Not For Profit Board Governance benchmarks. The presentation will also detail the level of alignment present between Boards and Management.

Margot Foster AM

Governance in the trenches (20 mins)

Margot’s presentation will focus on how to effectively get governance practices changed and how Club Board’s can navigate their way to better governance structures.

Gregg Patterson

The importance of good governance from a Club leaders perspective (30 mins)

As a club manager of over 30 years, Gregg will share with us the importance of good governance from a Club management perspective. Sharing his key learnings over time, Gregg will detail his top 5 most critical governance practices that enable Club Managers to thrive.

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Registration Pricing

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Club attendees:

General Manager and up to 3 Club Directors


$990 + GST per club

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