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Industry Data Portal, GBAS, Industry Data, Australia

The GBAS approach to client work is grounded in a belief that data analysis always reveals the insight required to drive your business. With data analysis and bespoke research regularly being completed the company also collects and tracks numerous pieces of publicly available information, plotting and trending this data to ensure we have unrivalled insight into industry trends.


Whilst this heightens our knowledge, we are of the firm view that the industry also should have better access to key pieces of information. We have therefore created this interactive data portal for industry use. Below you will see links to dedicated pages that summarise key pieces of industry information, believing that better knowledge, coming from better information, can only result in improved outcomes for all.

To access the pages below you first need to register and set up a password. Once registered and approved you will be able to access this information. You will need to log in each time you wish to access the pages.

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