Committed Golfer Panel

The committed golfer is the core golf market in Australia. Key statistics concerning this group are:


  • They total approximately 300,000 golfers, accounting for 25% of all of Australia’s golfers.

  • They have an annual playing frequency 2.5 times that of the average golfer.

  • They play 65% of all rounds played in Australia.

  • They spend on average $700 each per year, almost double the amount spent by the rest of the Australia’a golfers, accounting for almost three quarters of all dollars spent within the industry.

  • Scoring well is their key focus.


It is this market that sustains the industry from day to day.


GBAS is building an exclusive database of golfers who are willing to participate in surveys about participation habits, media consumption, golf equipment, golf technology, golf travel and much more.


If you are a committed golfer willing to share your opinions on the game then the Committed Golfer Panel is for you.


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